My Cactuar cookies are begging to die

Last year for Christmas, my family and friends (including site contributor AL) received Cactuar cookies. Someone was selling a set of incredible Final Fantasy cookie cutters on Etsy, so naturally I had to lean all the way in.

A Cactuar sugar cookie, fresh out of the cookie cutter. It looks amazing!

Look at them! The cookie cutters make these beautiful indentations in the dough that give them a real Cactuar-like texture. However it was very easy for these things to turn out accidentally nightmarish instead.

A Cactuar sugar cookie, fresh out of the cookie cutter but slightly stretched out. It looks like it's being tortured and in pain.

This Amigara Fault-lookin ass Cactuar is what happens when you accidentally stretch the dough while trying to transfer it to the cookie sheet. I kind of like how this looks and almost considered making one like this, but it clearly wants to die.

These are tricky cookies to ice, because even though it’d be easy to do a nice thick layer of icing, I wanted the detail of the cookie to come through. I experimented with icing thickness and tried to make something thin enough that I could brush it onto the cookies without them losing their definition. It did not work.

Four Cactuar sugar cookies covered in a blotchy, semi-transparent green icing. They look like they are decaying. It looks really sticky.

These four Cactuars, clearly suffering from some kind of skin condition, didn’t dry even after over 48 hours. Whatever infernal icing I made—which was more like sticky milkwater than icing—refused to accept its responsibility. The Cactuars were still delicious, and they welcomed the sweet release of death.

I finally just decided to use heavier icing and use a toothpick to carve out the lines. And it looked great!

A Cactuar sugar cookie and a Chocobo sugar cookie on a plate shaped like a Christmas tree.

That right there is a Cactuar that is thrilled to be alive.