What is this?

This a blog about how Final Fantasy VIII totally fucking rules, and if you don’t like Final Fantasy VIII, you are a coward.

What? This seems needlessly confrontational.

Here’s the thing: Final Fantasy VIII arrived only two years after the blockbuster success of Final Fantasy VII, and for its 25+ years in existence, it has always had to carry the burden of being the follow-up to one of the most beloved video games ever made. Then a year later, it was followed up with Final Fantasy IX, which is also one of the most beloved video games ever made and a model for what an archetypal Final Fantasy game should be.

FFVIII is weird, borderline experimental. It leans into surrealism and hallucinatory Roger Dean-like imagery rather than stately fantasy grandeur. It is overflowing with sincerity and emotion at a moment in time when the primary audience for games like this were teenage boys who thought feelings were gross. Even though reviews of the game were glowing at the time, it has suffered greatly in reputation over the years, often feeling like the lost child of the PlayStation 1-era Square catalog.

This website is a space to scream an alternate perspective into existence. Final Fantasy VIII is the best, and if you don’t agree, I will destroy you.™

Surely you could just write an essay or something instead of yelling at peopl–


What?! Why are you like this?


Can I submit my own screaming rant?

Once I set up a contact form, I’m doing this at like 11pm and I’m tired.

About the Authors

Phil is a video game history librarian who created this site because he was bored on a Friday night. When he isn’t yelling at birds or spilling tea all over his Final Fantasy VIII T-shirt, he also runs a significantly more reputable blog than this one.

AL is a digital humanities specialist who was last spotted fighting god. She has threatened to fight you before and will do it again. Her whereabouts are unknown, but she is suspected to be living on a fishing boat in international waters.