What the fuck is the deal with Fujin

  • 17-year-old girl with shock grey hair
  • One red eye, one eyepatch
  • Wears a military outfit that does not match the other military outfit that every single person at her child soldier academy wears
  • Speaks in single-word sentences that are SCREAMED
  • Is a villain whose main motivation is hanging out with her best friend, who sucks and sells out literally the entire universe loyalty

That’s the key, right there! She is unflinchingly loyal to Seifer. The reason she has a change of heart at the end of Disc 3 is that she is worried about him. So yes, she might have undiagnosed emotional issues that attract her to authoritarianism to such an extreme degree that she’s nominally onboard with the plan to obliterate the concept of time because at least she won’t have to study for school anymore. But she has an internal compass, and that compass tells her to stand with her friends, no matter what.

Fujin is the best character in the entire Final Fantasy franchise.